Reclaim disk space by deleting old iOS simulators and Device Support files

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After using a MacBook that runs Xcode for a few years it's likely that your disk space is starting to fill up good. A large part of this disk space can be occupied by Device Support files that are used by Xcode for older iOS versions, or by iOS simulators that are no longer available on your machine.

To clean these files up you can do the following:

  • Go to your Terminal and type open ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS\ DeviceSupport
  • Delete folders for iOS versions that you no longer need to support.
  • Do the same with open ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/watchOS\ DeviceSupport
  • Clean up unavailable simulators using by typing xcrun simctl delete unavailable in your Terminal

When I ran these commands on a machine that got a clean install when macOS Catalina came out I was able to free up 15Gb of disk space. So that's 15Gb of space after about 8 months of use. Pretty good, right?

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