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Practical Swift Concurrency (The videos)

You'll get about 10 hours worth of content and exercises with this course. That excludes reading of Practical Swift Concurrency of course.

If you already own the Practical Swift Concurrency book you'll find that the key things that are added in this course will be the exercises and of course the video format itself.

Throughout this course you will gain a deep understanding of modern Concurrency in Swift, how you can start using Async / Await, tasks, actors and Sendable in both existing and new codebases, as well as some key tips and tricks to help you avoid running into trouble when using Swift Concurrency.

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My books

Practical Swift Concurrency

Learn everything you need to know to make optimal use of Swift Concurrency in your applications. This book covers everything from awaiting asynchronous method calls to building your own highly concurrent systems. It’s a great introduction for those looking to familiarize themselves with everything Swift Concurrency has to offer.

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Practical Combine

Practical Combine is a book aimed at intermediate to advanced developers who want to learn more about Apple's Combine framework. This book takes you all the way from the basics to building custom Combine publishers using Practical, useful examples that you can start using immediately.

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Practical Core Data

Practical Core Data is for intermediate to advanced developers who want to learn more about Core Data. Whether you're new to Core Data, or tried using it years ago, you'll find that Practical Core Data introduces you to all the essentials to get you up and running with the framework.

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