I'm a curious, passionate iOS Developer from the Netherlands who loves learning, sharing knowledge and programming in general. I have experience with several technologies like Python, SQL, PHP, Javascript but iOS has been my passion for a while now. If you're looking for a speaker for an event or need somebody to help you out with an app you're building, don't hesitate to approach me.

My Blogposts

Writings about my everyday coding problems, solutions and ideas

Catch vs replaceError in Combine

There are several ways to handle errors in Combine. Most commonly you will either use catch or replaceError if you want to implement a mechanism that allows you to recover from an error. For example, Read more…

Understanding type erasure in Swift

Swift's type system is (mostly) fantastic. Its tight constraints and flexible generics allow developers to express complicated concepts in an extremely safe manner because the Swift compiler will detect and flag any inconsistencies within the Read more…