I’m a curious, passionate iOS Developer from the Netherlands who loves learning, sharing knowledge and programming in general. I have experience with several technologies like Python, SQL, PHP, Javascript but iOS has been my passion for a while now. If you’re looking for a speaker for an event or need somebody to help you out with an app you’re building, don’t hesitate to approach me.

My Blogposts

Writings about my everyday coding problems, solutions and ideas

Breaking an app up into modules

As apps grow larger and larger, their complexity tends to increase too. And quite often, the problems you’re solving become more specific and niche over time as well. If you’re working on an app like Read more…

Responsibly crashing your apps

As developers, we are often told that we should avoid crashing our apps at all costs. It’s why we are told that we shouldn’t force unwrap our optionals, that we should avoid unowned references and Read more…