Are you organizing a conference? Are you looking for somebody to deliver a talk on iOS Development at your school, meetup or company? I might be able to help you. Since 2016 I have done talks about iOS development at various places all over the world! Topics range from SDK / API design to Core Data and User Notifications. Below is a selection of the recorded talks that I have done.

The Combine Triad

dotSwift 2020

[slideshare id=227524577&doc=thecombinetriad-200210122515]

A practical approach to adopting TDD in the workplace

Mobiconf 2019

[slideshare id=192688727&doc=adoptingtddintheworkplacedark-191112092841]

In defense of Core Data

try! Swift Tokyo 2019 (Tokyo, Japan)

[slideshare id=138096596&doc=indefenseofcoredata-190325161115]

Building a cross-platform SDK with multiple teams

AppDevCon 2019 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
MobOS 2019 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) (Not recorded)

[slideshare id=138096042&doc=producingsdktalk4-3-190325160900]

The Testing Games: Mocking, yay!

CocoaHeadsNL October 2017 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

[slideshare id=180034229&doc=mocking-191008120931]

Me and my importers

CocoaHeadsNL October 2017 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

[slideshare id=180034078&doc=talk201710-191008120747]

JSON and Swift, Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Swift Usergroup October 2017 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

[slideshare id=180033934&doc=talk20170830-191008120557]

Improving apps with iOS 10 Notifications

Do iOS 2016 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

[slideshare id=69713908&doc=sllidesdonnywals-161201084106]